Juffrie Friday has done it again! Featuring one of Singapore’s best Firdaus “Gerl”Samsudin.

Check out the full edit of the Volcom Spain in Singapore. See some of the familiar spots being ripped by these guys.

"Past November 2011 some of the Spanish Volcom skate team flew to Singapore, The Lion City.

Dani Lopez, Manuel Alvarez, Alain Saavedra and Alain Goikoetxea accomplished the mission: shred every single spot in their way for a week. Sometimes they were kicked out by police and sometimes they had to skate even under the rain.

Filmed and edited by Dani Garcia.

Olson might just be on Nike SB from these images off the crail blog with the captions "Internet beef is so 2011. Double teammates in the oh-12".

Just have to wait and find out.